Frequently Asked Questions

Is your family checking out BCS for possible enrollment next year? We invite you to check out this page with answers and links to information you’ll find especially helpful. Please call Megan Boudreaux, Head of School, to discuss specific questions you have at 337-824-0020.


How do I know if BCS is the right place for our family?

First, consider our mission.  Students being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ; His Life, His Mind, His Mission, and His Promises.

Bethel Christian School (BCS) strives for excellence in all aspects of spiritual, academic, social and personal development. The school ministry is designed to serve Christian parents who desire a Christian education for their children. It is an integral part of The Church and adheres to the church’s standards, beliefs, purposes and vision.

BCS will obey Scripture to educate children of Christian families by:

· Serving the church.

· Partnering with parents and their home church.

· Building students’ faith, character and skill.

· Being excellent stewards of the resources God provides.

· Glorifying God and passing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to generations.

As a covenantal Christian School, we were founded and continue to base our policies and practices on a Biblical Worldview. Admission to Bethel Christian School is based on several elements reflecting each family’s commitment to that worldview and related practices. If you are a Christian parent, attending and serving in a biblically based church regularly, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and believe in the value of investing in a thorough education taught from a Biblical Worldview; we invite you to apply for admission.

Our governing board policy states that, “At least one parent/guardian must have a clear testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, is a member or regularly worshipping and serving in a local Christian church and is not participating in practices that would be considered illegal, or considered by King’s Christian Academy as immoral or inconsistent with a Christian Biblical Worldview.”

If you’d like to discuss your educational intent or have questions, please contact Megan Boudreaux at 337-824-0020.


What is tuition cost?

This tuition schedule chart shows tuition rates. These rates are adjusted each year.


What are school hours?

We currently have 174 instructional days at BCS and our school day is from 7:55 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.


What curriculum will BCS be using?

BCS will use ABeka and BJ.


What are the size of classes?

There are typically 5-10 students per class.


Is chapel scheduled regularly, or just Bible classes?

In addition to attending Bible classes, students of all ages attend chapel weekly. As we educate our students in a broad variety of subjects, we also seek to educate them in worship.


Can parents attend chapel?

Parents are welcome to attend chapels, which are usually held on Wednesday mornings. Please check the schedule prior to attending, and sign-in at the campus office before joining in worship at a chapel.

**Due to COVID- BCS will not allow parents to attend chapel this school year.


Are parent volunteers allowed on campus?

Bethel Christian School was founded on the concept of parental involvement. Our school is an extension of The Church, and we take seriously our obligation to be partners with parents in providing the best possible education for our students. BCS is dedicated to providing tools and opportunities for every student to his or her highest potential: academically, socially, and spiritually. As partners, BCS encourages all parents to become involved in their child’s education through participation in a number of service groups and other opportunities made available throughout the year.

**Due to COVID-BCS will not allow parent volunteers on campus this school year.

Are uniforms required?

Yes uniforms are required. Please check out the uniform policy in the student/parent handbook.

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